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Featuring iBwave in-building experts and industry partners discussing the latest indoor and wireless challenges and trends


iBwave Talks Webinar Series

iBwave Talks Webinar Series

The iBwave Talks webinar series features wireless experts from iBwave, who address the challenges and solutions faced by today’s in-building professionals. Whether you’re just entering the in-building industry or a seasoned wireless expert, iBwave Talks has a webinar for you.



Wi-Fi Design for Stadiums - Keys to managing interference and achieving reliable network capacity.
Deploying Wi-Fi in stadiums can quickly become complicated, time consuming, and expensive. But the fact is, there's a rapidly growing demand for Wi-Fi access in stadiums across Europe. Fans no longer just want their favorite teams to win; they want to share it with the world!

Learn the challenges of deploying Wi-Fi in stadiums and how to overcome them.
Thursday, March 12
  • 2:00PM CET (UTC/GMT +1 hour | Register)
In-buildingTalks Webinar Series

In-building Talks Webinar Series

Organized by iBwave and featuring in-building and telecom industry leaders, the In-building Talks webinar series shares the latest in-building industry ideas from experts in all aspects of the wireless ecosystem.



BIG GAME INSTANT REPLAY - How top wireless players teamed up to keep all 70,288 fans connected
Your brain (about 2500TB), but the Big Game data is almost as impressive!

As you know, it’s extremely challenging to provide a completely connected experience for thousands of fans packed into a stadium. So you can imagine the effort it took to upgrade the University of Phoenix stadium for this year’s Big Game. But 12.79TB* of data later, we know it was a record breaking success.

Watch this webinar to learn from AT&T, Sprint, Crown Castle, and ExteNet Systems how they teamed up to tackle the massive data demands of the 2015 Big Game, and what they see as the future for networks.
Wednesday, March 18
  • 2:00PM EDT (UTC/GMT -5 hours | Register)
Logo AT&T -  Crown Castle - ExteNet - Sprint
New Deep Dive Webinar Series

iBwave Deep Dive Webinar Series


We are currently planning our upcoming Webinars. Please check back with us later.

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