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Featuring iBwave in-building experts and industry partners discussing the latest indoor and wireless challenges and trends


In-buildingTalks Webinar Series

In-building Talks Webinar Series

Organized by iBwave and featuring in-building and telecom industry leaders, the In-building Talks webinar series shares the latest in-building industry ideas from experts in all aspects of the wireless ecosystem.



WEBINAR: Clarifying Wi-Fi Terminology. A webinar with Alan Blake, CWNE #129.

As you probably know, there are many terms used interchangeably within Wi-Fi that often lead to confusion for both the industry and customers alike.

So let's review the Wi-Fi terms we use and when we use them. For example, isn't it time to stop calling it a survey when we really mean design? And when we talk about survey, are we in the pre-deployment or the post-deployment stage? What about that oxymoron "predictive survey"? Should we just drop the term survey all together? I'm confused even while writing these questions.

Join Wi-Fi expert Alan Blake as he talks about what Wi-Fi surveying is, what Wi-Fi design is and how we can better clarify the terminology confusion through each critical phase of the Wi-Fi network design process.




Certified Wireless Network Expert (CWNE®)
Alan is a recognized Wi-Fi expert with over 15 years experience in IT and holds one of the Wi-Fi industries top certification as CWNE #129. He has specialized in Wi-Fi for the last 5 years and currently works as a network designer at GE and the Chief of Wi-Fi for GBR Networks. At some point he was also a snowboard instructor but says 'fat lot of good that did me...". He is a Wi-Fi enthusiast, contributor, speaker and blogger and is keen to see the development of Wi-Fi design standards across the industry. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @papageordy.

Wednesday, FebruarY 17th

2:00PM EST
New Deep Dive Webinar Series

iBwave Deep Dive Webinar Series

Tired of industry forecasts? Looking for real technical content? Welcome to iBwave’s new Deep Dive Webinar Series, where we feed your thirst for practical and technical indoor wireless knowledge. Presented by iBwave’s Research Director, Vladan Jevremovic, PhD, the series aims to provide expert knowledge and use cases for indoor wireless connectivity in a variety of venues as well as bring you the latest industry trends, with a technical twist.


We are currently planning our upcoming Webinars. Please check back with us later.
iBwave Talks Webinar Series

iBwave Talks Webinar Series

The iBwave Talks webinar series features wireless experts from iBwave, who address the challenges and solutions faced by today’s in-building professionals. Whether you’re just entering the in-building industry or a seasoned wireless expert, iBwave Talks has a webinar for you.


We are currently planning our upcoming Webinars. Please check back with us later.

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