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Featuring iBwave in-building experts and industry partners discussing the latest indoor and wireless challenges and trends


In-buildingTalks Webinar Series

In-building Talks Webinar Series

Organized by iBwave and featuring in-building and telecom industry leaders, the In-building Talks webinar series shares the latest in-building industry ideas from experts in all aspects of the wireless ecosystem.



How to simplify your RF collection process - Learn how to save hours of RF data integration time and ensure accurate and optimal designs logos-jdsu-anite-solutelia-ibwave-falconsmart-ascom-rohde-schwarz

Collecting RF data during a site survey is critical for providing optimal indoor network designs and understanding the existing RF environment is the first step in creating an excellent wireless network design.
Integrating RF data into wireless designs has traditionally been a manual and error prone process that can take hours.

Welcome to the new era of RF data collection, where your mobile device becomes your field-based design tool and where integrating this data into an in-building design is now done with a simple click of the mouse.
In this webinar, you will learn from industry experts on how to simplify and automate your RF collection and integration process, saving you hours of tedious data processing and import steps.
Thursday, June 4
  • 9:00AM SGT (UTC/GMT +8 hours | Register)
  • 1:00PM GMT (UTC/GMT 0 hours | Register)
  • 2:00PM EDT (UTC/GMT -5 hours | Register)
New Deep Dive Webinar Series

iBwave Deep Dive Webinar Series

Tired of industry forecasts? Looking for real technical content? Welcome to iBwave’s new Deep Dive Webinar Series, where we feed your thirst for practical and technical indoor wireless knowledge. Presented by iBwave’s Research Director, Vladan Jevremovic, PhD, the series aims to provide expert knowledge and use cases for indoor wireless connectivity in a variety of venues as well as bring you the latest industry trends, with a technical twist.



New Deep Dive Webinar Series: Take a ride through a subway's wireless network design. Capacity dimensioning, sectorization, uplink noise control, environmental challenges and more.

Most subway routes in core urban areas are located deep underground, where macro cellular coverage is non-existent. In big cities worldwide, hundreds of thousands of commuters depend on the subway (or Métro, MTR, MRT, U-bahn, Underground, etc.) on a daily basis. They need dedicated wireless networks to stay connected. First responders also need reliable public safety networks in subways stations and tunnels. Subway systems are one of the most challenging environments for wireless network design.
Here's what this webinar will cover.
  • 3D modeling of multilevel transit stations
  • Capacity dimensioning for rush hour
  • In-building system sectorization
  • Uplink noise control
  • Equipment location (ease of maintenance vs. installation cost, vandalism concerns)
  • Environmental challenges (metallic objects, damp conditions, AC instabilities)
  • Dependence on simulation due to inaccessibility to real environment (24/7 subway service)
Wednesday, June 17
iBwave Talks Webinar Series

iBwave Talks Webinar Series

The iBwave Talks webinar series features wireless experts from iBwave, who address the challenges and solutions faced by today’s in-building professionals. Whether you’re just entering the in-building industry or a seasoned wireless expert, iBwave Talks has a webinar for you.


We are currently planning our upcoming Webinars. Please check back with us later.

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