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Featuring iBwave in-building experts and industry partners discussing the latest indoor and wireless challenges and trends


iBwave Talks

iBwave Talks

The iBwave Talks webinar series features wireless experts from iBwave, who address the challenges and solutions faced by today’s in-building professionals. Whether you’re just entering the in-building industry or a seasoned wireless expert, iBwave Talks has a webinar for you.


Co-Existence of Wireless Technologies in Universities & Campuses

CommScope - iBwave - AT&T


Campus environments have become one of the new verticals that wireless operators plan to invest in recent years. In this webinar featuring iBwave, CommScope and AT&T, the drivers behind the high capacity demands and the coverage options for campuses will be discussed. Capacity planning best practices and lessons learned in campus environment deployments will also be looked at.


Dominique Gauthier, iBwave:
  • Demand for wireless connectivity in campus environments
  • Statistics and trends

Patrick Lau, CommScope:
  • LTE and market overview
  • DAS coverage options for campuses
  • Capacity planning best practices and lessons learned

Artecia Wilson, AT&T:
  • Effective solutions for campus environments
  • Standards / requirements
  • Lessons learned

Tuesday, August 26

The Enterprise – Unlocked: Enabling Rapid Adoption of Enterprise Small Cells

ThinkSmallCell - Cisco - iBwave


In-building cellular service quality appears to have been noticeably degrading over the last year. This is evidenced by the increase in dropped calls, generally poor voice connections (especially uplink), intermittent indoor data connectivity and text messages - and even incoming calls - not getting through.

CIOs, property owners, hotel managers and other Enterprise users now seek cost-effective solutions that can deliver reliable in-building service coverage and capacity; many would even be willing to pay for or contribute to the system installation! This prompts the question: should Enterprises take matters into their own hands, self-installing their own cellular equipment and simply asking the operators to adopt and commission it?

Following on from ThinkSmallCell’s recent “The Enterprise – Unlocked” white paper, join me with thought leaders from Cisco and iBwave to discuss:

  • How the incremental cost of adding cellular service to an Enterprise Wi-Fi deployment can be as low as 20%;
  • When and why the RF design can be assigned to field technicians and personnel with basic IT background;
  • What the main concerns and bottlenecks that constrain this approach are.

We’ll hear real-world feedback from the field, where both companies are actively trialing and deploying products in countries worldwide, and ask challenging questions about the feasibility of this approach.

Participants will also have the opportunity to put their own questions to the panel and participate in audience polls.

Thursday, September 4

In-building Talks

Organized by iBwave and featuring in-building and telecom industry leaders, the In-building Talks webinar series shares the latest in-building industry ideas from experts in all aspects of the wireless ecosystem.


We are currently planning our upcoming Webinars. Please check back with us later.

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