CLAUDE ECHAHAMIAN - President & CEO, iBwave Solutions Inc.


President & CEO
iBwave Solutions Inc.

Claude Echahamian joined iBwave as President & CEO in January 2016. He brings more than 20 years of broad international experience within the telecommunications industry. In this role Claude will oversee the implementation of iBwave’s strategic vision to be the global leader at innovating and delivering software solutions that keep the world connected.

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PATRICK BERTRAND, CPA, CA - Chief Financial Officer


Chief Financial Officer

Patrick Bertrand was appointed Chief Financial Officer in April 2014. As such, he is responsible for overseeing iBwave's financial operations, cost optimization program, corporate finance and investor relations.

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LYNE JACQUES - Senior Vice-President, Global Sales


Vice-President of Global Sales

Lyne Jacques joined the iBwave management team in the Fall of 2016 as Vice-President of Global Sales. She is responsible for the development and execution of global market sales strategies.

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GEORGES KECHICHIAN - Senior VP Engineering


Senior VP, Engineering

Georges Kechichian joined iBwave in 2016 as the Senior VP Engineering. Georges is a seasoned executive with 28 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. He brings deep knowledge of R&D, new product introduction, operations, international business development and sales. His area of expertise extends to optical fiber networking, satellite communications, high power RF and radio equipment.

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Vice-President, R&D

Benoit Courchesne has been a prominent member of the iBwave team since 2004. Helping create and expand the company's research and development department as the Vice-President of R&D, Benoit oversees all activities related to product development. Inspired by the company's ability to work with cutting-edge technology, he led many successful product launches, including the initial launch of iBwave's flagship software, iBwave Design.

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DOMINIQUE GAUTHIER - Senior VP Innovation (Co-Founder of iBwave)


Senior VP, Innovation (Co-Founder of iBwave)

As the Senior VP Innovation Dominique Gauthier works closely with the R&D team. In this role, his focus is on incubation of innovative ideas and investigating their feasibility based on business cases leading to new products. He is also responsible for putting together a steering team that will make decisions and prioritize investments to be made.

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