Save time and cost by streamlining your Fiber deployments

iBwave FiberPass is a powerful solution that drastically accelerates the site survey and network design times for a Fiber‑to‑the‑Home network deployment project. The result? Design and deployment rates up to 3X faster than the current average lifecycle - and the substantial cost savings that result.

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iBwave FiberPass™

The efficiency and accuracy of the FiberPass solution has contributed to the rapid expansion of Bell’s broadband network and our fast-growing Fibe TV and Internet services. Recent software enhancements to FiberPass have helped to further accelerate our inside design cycle as we deliver Canada’s fastest Internet and best TV services to customers in apartments and condos across multiple provinces.

- Bruce Furlong, Bell’s Vice President, FTTP Deployment & Access -

Accelerate network deployment time

The iBwave FiberPass solution automates the entire process of planning, designing and maintaining an in‑building FTTx network. The result? Shorter projects and a lot less money spent.
  • A standard site survey approach. Using the iBwave FiberPass Mobile tablet app, technicians will now have a guided and standard approach to do your measurements and properly document (with images, videos, notes) all required information of the FTTx site, directly on an electronic floorplan. In fact, using just the iBwave FiberPass Mobile you can complete up to 80% of the design work right there on‑site, with just a tablet.
  • Design automation and components database. With iBwave FiberPass, the entire design process is automated from start to finish. Drag and drop FTTx network components from our database of over 22,000 vendor‑modeled parts, capture design errors as you go, and automate KPI and engineering rules validation.
  • Standard documentation and reporting. With, iBwave FiberPass the generation and retrieval of site documentation is just a click away. With the ability to quickly generate a complete Bill‑of‑Materials, a compliancy report, project costing reports, and site survey documentation report (photos, images, notes), the need to manually track documentation is eliminated. And so is the time usually spent trying to do so.
  • Cloud connected collaboration. Using iBwave Unity, you can easily save, access, and share all of your site information in a single cloud location. Complete your site survey and save it to iBwave Unity for easy collaboration with other team members or partners located off‑site. Done with the design? Save it to iBwave Unity so it can be easily opened up on‑site on a tablet for validation or maintenance in the future.
Accelerate network deployment time

Expedite network validation and approval process

Expedite network validation and approval process

Accelerate the time it usually takes to validate the network by using a standardized tool which ensures the same level of quality from sub‑contractors. Accelerate the approval process with both the property owner and network operator with easy-toread design reports and a workflow schedule.
  • Automatic Bill‑of‑materials. Generate a complete Bill‑of‑Materials in seconds with a cost detail analysis.
  • Property owner report packages. Easily put together a package of reports for property owners, including: a detailed 3D model of the future network with the location of equipment, network schematic details for both inside and outside the building, a survey report with photo documentation and equipment location markups.
  • Workflow schedule. Let the property owners know exactly what needs to be done and how long it will take with a workflow schedule.

Ensure network quality with standard processes

Standardize the FTTx planning and design process to significantly reduce the risk of network errors post‑installation. With iBwave FiberPass, you can better ensure KPI compliance and drastically reduce the risk of costly troubleshooting postinstallation.
  • Guided site surveys. With iBwave FiberPass Mobile technicians will have a guided approach to help step them through a standardized method to perform in‑building and outdoor site surveys. With this standardization, typical errors resulting from manual information collection will be eliminated, and the risk to the network’s performance is greatly reduced.
  • Standard documentation. With iBwave FiberPass you can standardize the required documentation and information required for each project. As a result you will always have the right information you need to design and deploy the highest‑quality network.
Ensure network quality with standard processes

True collaboration with cloud connectivity

True collaboration with cloud connectivity

With iBwave Unity, all of the work you do in both iBwave FiberPass Mobile and iBwave FiberPass PC will be synchronized and easy to access and share from a single location in the cloud.
  • Cloud connectivity. Keep all your site information synchronized and available in a single cloud location in iBwave Unity. Easily share files and work with project partners via the cloud, eliminating coordination issues.
  • iBwave Viewer for stakeholders. Send design files to propery owners, sub‑contractors, or any other external project partners, knowing they can easily open and reivew the files with iBwave’s free read‑only ‘iBwave Viewer’ software.
  • Workflow management. Plan tasks, estimate time and costs, and assign resources, in project plan in iBwave Unity. Setup workflow notifications to enable better team collaboration and alignment with the set schedule and budget.

Simplified maintenance and network upgrades

The iBwave FiberPass solution makes maintaining the quality of your networks, and any future upgrades of the network, much simpler and cost‑effective.
  • As‑built documentation. Easily access historical as‑built documentation and previous site survey images and notes via the cloud connected site management software iBwave Unity. Any time, from anywhere.
  • Ensure clean network installation. Eliminate the risk of performance issues by ensuring clean cable cabinets and terminal equipment by giving installers the right tools to document the installation.
  • Quickly locate living units requesting service. Use iBwave FiberPass Mobile to quickly search by Unit # to pinpoint the unit needing service and easily view all the connection details (i.e how it is connected to back‑end equipment).
Simplified maintenance and network upgrades



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We offer a full list of services such as building and environment modeling, creation and certification of components, and legacy project design conversion to the iBwave format.



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iBwave's entire product suite is covered by an optional Annual Maintenance Service for full customer support, and access to updates and upgrades on all our products.