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The iBwave Training courses are the first steps to understanding the fundamentals of in-building wireless networks. Learn how in-building works and why it has gained such tremendous importance in today’s infrastructures.

Study at your own pace and from the convenience of your own office. The engaging and interactive online training program is designed to give you the best e-learning experience available. Videos, narrated slide shows and practical interactive quizzes will guide you through the instruction.




The Capacity Planning Module provides background theory on capacity definitions and requirements. It also covers grade of service, quality of service, service types, subscriber mix, and capacity limits. It includes a chapter on how to design for specific user profiles in iBwave Design and run maps to validate the capacity requirements. Workshops and Webinars on Capacity are included for extra learning material.

  • 3 hour Online Training on Capacity Planning and Analysis with iBwave Design.
  • Training bundle includes Webinars on:
    • HetNet Capacity Planning,
    • How to Design High Capacity Wi-Fi Networks,
    • Wi-Fi Capacity Planning Demonstrations in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Student Manual not included
Course is available for 30 days after activation





Learn how to quickly and efficiently plan, design and deploy indoor small cell networks through iBwave Mobile Planner, and become proficient with the latest wireless technologies: cellular and Wi-Fi.

Create projects, complete with floor plans and equipment layouts, directly from the field. Evaluate the coverage and performance of your small cell network using propagation maps for expected RSRP, RSCP, RSSI, throughput and handoff. Analyze your small cell Wi-Fi coverage using Wi-Fi survey interpolation maps and SSID/Channel filters. Document your site surveys with pictures, annotations and markups and produce “As-Built” documentation.

Upon completion of the course, you will understand:
  • What small cells are and how they co-exist with the macro-network.
  • The best practices for the deployment of small cell networks indoors including site survey activities, design and installation.
  • How to use iBwave Mobile Planner, through hands-on exercises and workshops.
  • How iBwave Mobile can be subsequently used to create “As-Built” documentation.
  • How iBwave Mobile is integrated to the iBwave suite of products and how to effectively exchange project information with your colleagues and partners.

This course is aimed at field technicians, IT specialists, macro RF engineers, who want to quickly and simply plan complete small cell networks, right on-site, from their mobile devices.

Paper Manual is included
Online Manual is included for 1 year after course activation
Course is available for 30 days after activation

Small Cells course: 7 BICSI CECs





Are you new to the in-building industry? With over 80 percent of wireless voice and data usage occurring indoors, has the rising demand for in-building wireless coverage caught your attention? Do you want to learn more? If so, then In-Building Fundamentals is the right course for you.

The iBwave Training Program's introductory in-building course is specifically designed to make you knowledgeable about all things in-building. The lessons will take you through the indoor design strategy, planning and network deployment process. You will learn about radio waves, propagation, network architecture, and the latest in-building technologies being used, such as DAS and LTE. The course will cover all the essentials of the wireless indoor network field.

The training manual is included on Learning Center in every course.

The Training is aimed at macro RF engineers, to students, field technicians and telecom journalists, who want to enhance their understanding of the wireless in-building industry.

Paper Manual is included
Online Manual is included for 1 year after course activation
Course is available for 30 days after activation

In-Building Fundamentals course: 7 BICSI CECs


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