iBwave Wi-Fi:a more productive and collaborative way to design Wi-Fi networks

Meet iBwave Wi-Fi® - our powerful new cloud-connected 3D Wi-Fi network planning solution that will make designing Wi-Fi networks simpler and more productive for both you and your customer.

It gives you cloud connectivity, stunning 3D modeling capabilities, a dream database of accurately modeled APs, cables, antennas, routers and more, the ability to calibrate prediction with survey data AND a free Viewer for your customers. Simply put, iBwave Wi‑Fi® will make designing Wi-Fi networks easier for you, your customer and all your stakeholders.

And with seamless cloud connectivity with our mobile app iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile, your project files will always be available for you to access from your PC or tablet.

Here are some of the awesome productivity boosting things you can do with it.

Active and passive surveys.

Do active surveys using our free integrated server (NetScan) , so you don’t have to open a command prompt or use iPerf. Do passive survey walk tests using internal radios or dongles.

Active Passive Survey

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Design with much more than just access points.

Drag and drop vendor-modeled access points, cables, antennas, switches and routers to produce a complete bill of materials for your customer and detailed cable routing reports for the installation team. Can’t find a part you need? Contact our call centre and we’ll quickly add it for you - or you can model and add it yourself.

Design All Parts

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Model, design & predict in stunning 3D.

Import your files from multiple formats, assign materials and watch your buildings come to life in stunning 3D. Don’t want to spend your time modeling? We provide modeling services with quick turn-around times at reasonable rates. Adjust wall heights, control visible layers, walk through the building, and send your customers a copy of your design showing prediction in 3D.

Design in 3D

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Calibrate prediction with survey data.

Significantly increase the accuracy of your design by calibrating prediction with your collected survey data. Calibrate the environment and coefficients, save your models and apply them to similar designs in the future. Plus there’s a Prediction vs. Measured Data report to view the difference.

Prediction Calibration

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Run detailed reports & give your customers a FREE viewer.

That’s right - we have a completely free viewer any of your stakeholders (customers, installers, etc) can download from our website to open and view design files in 3D and run reports. Example reports both you or your stakeholder can run: Bill of Materials, Annotations Report, Output Maps, Building Design Plan, and Compliance reports.

Viewer Reports

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And there’s much more, we just couldn’t fit all the awesomeness into this one email...

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