Get premium access to superior care and exclusive services by subscribing to our Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS). The subscription allows iBwave users to have year-round access to automatic software upgrades and updates, online and on-call support, license transfers, our updated database of over 29,000 components and full access to our customer portal. AMS is offered on a one or three-year term and allows you to get the most out of our indoor wireless software in order to capitalize on your investment.



Software upgrades aim to improve the product performance through major functionality enhancements that respond to the latest in-building wireless requirements. A minimum of one major yearly upgrade is made available to all of our existing AMS subscribers which affect all products of the iBwave platform (Design Enterprise and Lite, Propagation, Optimization, Collection, Propagation Lite, Mobile, and Unity). It allows increased functionality and productivity of your tools to keep up-to-date with the fast paced in-building industry and continually evolving technologies. Software updates are also provided as needed to iBwave users and aim to fine-tune existing features.



All AMS subscribers can contact our Customer Support desk via email, phone or online chat to request their expertise and assistance and help troubleshoot any technical issues. All solved support issues are logged in the Support Knowledge Base, creating an extensive poll of solutions for all common support related inquiries, accessible through the iBwave Customer Portal. This allows us to provide a quick response time. Our support is available during normal business hours(1), all over the world and in multiple languages.



During an active AMS subscription, license transfers can be done from one user to another within the same company. In addition, in the event of a change in staff or change in computers, users will see their full license reinstalled at no additional cost. Please note that there is a maximum of two license transfers per user per year.



A complete list of components and parts are available with the iBwave platform. This growing list of 29,000 components and counting from over 310 vendors worldwide is updated and regularly maintained by manufacturers who send us their products and spec sheets revisions. It allows users to design and plan their indoor wireless networks with the real specs from the latest equipment available in the market worldwide.



The customer portal is a web-based service containing the latest information on iBwave, including software releases, company and product updates, how-to videos, discussion forums and a customer support chat function. It is also where important customer information is stored for those under the AMS subscription, such as support cases and a rich knowledge base to quickly find a solution for your technical issues.


Stay connected with the in-building value-chain

Increase your interoperability and efficiency by sharing components database files, projects and design elements freely within your team. Avoid project discrepancies since all engineers benefiting from AMS have the latest versions of iBwave products. This avoids the drawback of not being able to open files due to a difference in newer and older versions.

Design and plan with the latest technologies available

Receive the software’s latest updates and changes. Those recent updates allow you to have access to the latest technologies incorporated in iBwave and protect your software from being outdated and unsupported.

Reduced project completion time

Users can easily avoid putting a project on hold by spending too much time trying to find an answer to a software design or planning question. Customers with an active AMS subscription can use an iBwave expert’s knowledge to help them with their issue. All that, in a timely manner.

Get fast and reliable answers

Access to online and on-call support during normal business hours no matter where you are located. Software issues and problems are addressed in a timely manner after an initial contact with a member of our Customer Support desk. Time taken to address an issue is related to the severity and urgency of the help needed.

(1) Normal Business Hours: 9:00AM to 5:00PM from Monday to Friday in three different time zones: North American Eastern Time zone, Central European Time zone, Asia Pacific Singapore Standard Time zone.