Annual Maintenance and Support

Join the iBwave Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) program!

Get a wide range of support services and resources aimed at ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

AMS Services Infographic

What do you get?

24/5 Access to Our Support Team

Get help in troubleshooting any technical issue. Be sure you get your work done right and quickly!

Contact our customer support by phone, email or chat. We are available from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday in all major time zones: EST, CET, and SGT.

We describe all solved support issues in our Support Knowledge Base, so you also get access to the extensive library of hottest support topics.

Wave Runners Community Platform

Join our user community where you can interact with other industry professionals, complete fun challenges, and get a say in the development of our software. Best of all, participation on the platform gets you access to reward points which can be redeemed for awesome prizes!

Major Software Upgrades and Ongoing Updates

Get the most out of your iBwave tools’ functionality and productivity and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies!

All our existing AMS subscribers are entitled to a minimum of one major yearly upgrade that covers all products in the iBwave Suite. You can also take advantage of our regularly scheduled enhancement updates done on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

License Transfers

Transfer licenses to your colleagues at no additional cost. Transfers can be done from one user to another within the same company (maximum of 2 license transfers per user per year).

Components Database

Always have access during your projects to the newest network components, regularly added to our database of over 37,000 network parts.

My.iBwave Customer Portal

This is where all the magic happen! Set up your license transfers, watch training videos, browse through support cases and get your projects up-and-running quickly.

Worldwide support in all major time zones

AMS Worldwide Support Map

Frequently Asked Questions

When did my Annual Maintenance Service (AMS) start?+

For a new customer, the Annual Maintenance Service started the day you received instructions to install and activate your iBwave software. For an existing customer who has been renewing the Annual Maintenance, the service started back on the day after your previous AMS service expiry date.

Why should I renew my AMS?+

iBwave recommends that you keep a valid AMS to benefit from all new features and bug fixes added continuously to the application in order to work on your projects with the latest software version and to benefit from accessing our support team constantly available for supporting all of our users around the world. In 2017 customer satisfaction rose to 95%.

AMS Renewal Automation+

A convenient way to renew your Annual, Maintenance and Support on your iBwave products. Customers who have subscribed to iBwave’s auto-renewal program will have the advantage of having their AMS automatically renewed at the end of their annual term.

What happens if I do not renew my AMS?+

All the services provided as part of the AMS will no longer be provided. You can still receive access to our Customer Support team via the prepaid hourly fee.

Can I reinstate the AMS at any time?+

Yes, you can. However the start date of the renewal will start from where you have left off. This is the most economical way to proceed forward with the renewal as otherwise we need to apply a fee for each of the updates/upgrades missed.

Can I renew my AMS from today’s date onwards if my AMS expired some time in the past?+

No, unfortunately this is not possible. The AMS includes development and we cannot just provide you with the latest software release available if you have not received the prior versions nor updates. We need to bring your AMS current and then renew for 1 year term.

Do you provide 24 hours service?+

We provide service by phone/email/live chat during normal business hours throughout multiple regions – Americas, Europe/Middle East/Africa and Asia/Pacific. You will also be supported by email/live chat outside business hours during business days from Monday to Friday We have a team of experts based on all continents to support our users as fast as possible.

Is Part Creation Service included as part of the AMS?+

Part creation is not included as part of the AMS. You can communicate with our Sales team to receive the cost involved for Part Creation service if need be.

Annual Maintenance and Support (AMS) program