Interactive learning to facilitate best practices for in-building wireless network planning and design.

At iBwave, we offer different industry-specific programs targeted at wireless operators, system integrators and equipment manufacturers. Whether it is our highly successful certification program or our latest training sessions, all learning is done using our iBwave Design software and related products.

Testimonials from iBwave Certified Students

One of the better training courses I have taken, of the many, in the past 15 years of working for a Tier 1 carrier.

George Brosseau, AT&T Wireless

This training has been very effective in learning in-building design principals. Starting from project management and then focusing into the design was very useful to understand the overall process.

Anik, Nazmi

Excellent course! Well taught and understandable by anyone/someone who has never opened or looked at the software before.

Nicole Lloyd, University of Central Florida

The iBwave tool capacities and the support behind the tool are very solid. I believe our industry is benefiting a lot from iBwave and its staff dedication and commitment.

AT&T Wireless

The trusted best friend of an Indoor RF Engineer. You give the best survey data and the tool gives you the best/accurate prediction saving time, money and energy.

Avinash Singh

Love the course! it really helps enhance and further engineer design skills, as well as maintaining the basics which always apply.

Wang Wan

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Here we answer all the questions you may have about our training services. Can’t find what you are looking for? Just fill out this form and ask us!

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