Fast-track your network design by getting a head start on-site


For accurate network designs that are constructible the first time, start with accurate site survey information. iBwave Mobile Planner is a powerful and intuitive mobile app that significantly expedites the design of networks. Take it on-site with you to collect RF measurements, capture site aesthetics, and start a preliminary design using the automatic access point placement functionality. Save all of the information to a single file and save it to the cloud for your design team back at the office to open and finish the design in iBwave Design.

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iBwave Mobile Planner

Saves on costs!

iBwave Design and iBwave Mobile Planner work hand in hand to deliver intuitive functionality that cuts down on design time and saves on costs. Our engineers are able to conduct site surveys and share the data via cloud with other offsite team members, this has improved the quality of our projects and helped us meet even the toughest customer requirements.
Jonas Trunk
CEO, Linktel

Simplify your site survey toolkit

Install the iBwave Mobile Planner app on the existing phone or tablet you bring on-site to transform it into the ultimate iBwave site survey tool. Use it to capture and centralize customer requirements, floor plans, photos, notes, construction markup and RF measurements. You can also use the Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM™ scanner to survey single carrier and private LTE networks.
  • Collect survey data for both Wi-Fi and Cellular networks using just your android device, or use the Epiq PRiSM™ Scanner to survey multiple channels for single carrier LTE networks
  • Seamlessly integrate with third-party testing tools
  • Draw floor plans or create them from a picture
  • Seamless data exchange with compatible network test tools
  • Create geo-located pushpins with photo, video, audio and text notes
  • Add construction markup & cable routes
  • One-click PDF reports with annotations, output maps and BOM
  • Signoff page or e-signature options to speed up the approval process
iBwave Mobile Planner

Design for Capacity to avoid surprises later

Reduce the chance of errors and create workable designs the first time around. Define peak capacity zones and number of clients per floor. With the help of capacity maps you can view pass/fail results on each floor based on set thresholds per capacity requirements.
  • Set split between Wi‑Fi and Cellular technologies, including VoLTE and VoWiFi
  • Define peak capacity zones and set number of clients per floor
  • Select simple pre-configured usage profiles (can be customized in iBwave Design)
  • Instant capacity maps render pass or fail results on each floor

Design networks and test coverage on-site

Eliminate the risk of missing construction obstacles that cause issues during installation by starting the design of your network directly on-site with either automatic or manual access auto-placement. Then as you walk you can physically validate access point planned locations and run prediction on-the-spot to assess how the network will perform once deployed.
  • Active and Passive surveys (Wi‑Fi)
  • Continuous Walk survey mode (Wi‑Fi and Cellular)
  • System design for small cells and Wi‑Fi
  • Access to the iBwave database of components
  • Automatic Placement of access points
  • Prediction maps for Wi‑Fi (RSSi, SNIR, Handoff & Throughput, CCI, Overlap)
  • Prediction Maps for LTE/5G (MADR, RSSI, LTE RSRP, CDMA/WCDMA RSCP, SNIR, SS RSRP, SS SINR, SS RSSI, Capacity, Handoff & Throughput)
  • Route CAT5 & CAT6 cable
iBwave Mobile Planner
iBwave Mobile Planner

Easily collaborate on network designs via the cloud

With iBwave Mobile Planner you can save your measurements, photos, notes and any design work you have started on-site to a single file in the cloud where it can be opened in iBwave Design and worked on by the office design team. The result? Easy file sharing and a happy design team who has all the site data they need to deliver accurate network designs.
  • 10 GB of free iBwave Cloud storage included
  • Ability to open and modify .ibw files in iBwave Mobile Planner or iBwave Design

Optimize your resources and costs

With iBwave Mobile Planner, you can have a team of field technicians conducting site surveys, capturing the site documentation and starting the design of a network with the auto-placement feature, while another team is back at the office completing the detailed designs in iBwave Design. As a result, your resources, and the cost of those resources, are optimized.
iBwave Mobile Planner


Read how one of the largest package delivery and logistics company in the world uses iBwave to design, deploy and maintain their thousands of Wi‑Fi networks worldwide.

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We offer a full list of services such as building and environment modeling, creation and certification of components, and legacy project design conversion to the iBwave format.

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iBwave’s entire product suite is covered by an optional Annual Maintenance Service for full customer support, and access to updates and upgrades on all our products.