Binding Corporate Rules

Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) are legally-binding internal rules adopted by multinational companies which define their global policies with regard to the international transfer and protection of Personal Data.

iBwave’s BCRs outline our controls on the Processing of Personal Data, from its collection, transfer, and retention to its eventual deletion, as well as our approach to audits and training.

You may request a copy of iBwave’s BCRs by sending an email to: .

If you are someone whose Personal Data may be in iBwave’s control, and have an issue or concern related to iBwave’s handing of your Personal Data, you may file a complaint by submitting a completed version of the BCR Complaint Form, available below in a variety of languages. Complete the form and send via email to  or via postal mail to:

iBwave Data Privacy Office
Corporate Headquarters
400 Sainte Croix avenue
Suite 200 West
Saint-Laurent, Quebec, H4N 3L4

If you have any additional questions related to iBwave’s Data Privacy policies or practices please contact iBwave’s Global Data Privacy Office at .

BCR Complaint Form

Please use the following link to fill out the form.