A simple, lightweight and affordable way to test, verify and document Public Safety networks.

(for Public Safety)


iBwave Mobile Survey gives you a simple and seamless way to test, verify and document public safety networks. Easily capture measurement data for site surveys and grid testing, visualize results, automatically generate reports with one click with our easy-to-use iBwave Mobile Survey solution and the Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM™ scanner. While on-site, you can also use the mobile app to take pictures, capture notes and save them to pushpins on the floorplan to refer to later in the iBwave Public Safety design software.

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iBwave Mobile Survey

Seamlessly test public safety networks

iBwave Mobile Survey gives you the flexibility to collect both LTE and P25 survey data on-site using the seamlessly integrated Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM scanner (P25 or LTE) or just your Android device (LTE).

Survey with Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM scanner

  • Technologies: P25, LTE (5G coming soon)
  • Seamless integration to iBwave Mobile Survey for a simplified end-to-end survey and design experience.
  • Highly portable: weighs under 6 ounces (170 grams).
  • Powered from the host device: simple USB-C connects to your Android device and laptops for power – no need for batteries or chargers.
  • Web-based: works with the device’s browser – no application to install.
  • Works with unmodified devices: no device rooting necessary.
  • SDR-Driven: easily calibrated and upgraded with new capability without changing hardware.

Collect LTE survey data using just your Android device

  • Technologies: LTE, 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax
  • Wi-Fi KPIs: RSSI, CCI, Throughput, and more.
  • Cellular KPIs: RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SINR, and more.
Seamlessly integrate with Epiq Solutions' PRiSM™ scanner
Collect survey data using just your mobile device
Simple grid testing & pass/fail report

Simple grid testing & pass/fail report

Perform grid testing and generate automatic Pass/Fail reports to easily submit to AHJs for approval.

Simply add scaled grids over the floorplan in iBwave Mobile Survey, collect the measurements for each point using the seamless integration to the Epiq Solutions’ PRiSM scanner, immediately visualize pass/fail results and generate the report for approval to the AHJs with one click.

  • Draw grids with built-in guidelines to ensure adhering to regulations (ability to override).
  • Easy-to-use interface simplifies the capture of the P25 measurement points on the grid.
  • Quickly generate grid test results in a report to submit on-the-spot to the AHJ for approval.
  • Set and modify pass/fail threshold settings for measurements used in grid test as needed to ensure accurate results.

Collect & save site documentation to floorplan

Use your mobile device’s built-in camera to capture site images and videos as you walk the site and save them to geo-located pushpins on the floorplan. Add text or voice notes to note important details about what you’re capturing. Once done, save it all to the cloud so you or your teammate can view your annotations on the floorplan as you do the design in iBwave desktop software.
Collect & save site documentation to floorplan
Easily collaborate with your team and customers

Easily collaborate with your team and customers

Use iBwave cloud or iBwave’s advanced cloud – iBwave Unity – to easily share survey data and site documentation gathered on-site. Save survey data and site documentation to the cloud to review during the design phase – and then use the cloud again to download and view the completed design plan as you walk the site doing your validation survey.

Also use iBwave’s free read-only iBwave Viewer to share design plans and project information with your customers and other project stakeholders.

Need to design Public Safety Networks?

Explore iBwave Public Safety – the established standard to design the most reliable Public Safety networks that building owners and AHJs will approve.



This eBook outlines the main use-cases, deployment scenarios and paths to private 4G and 5G for manufacturing.

Learn about best practices in designing indoor and outdoor private networks.

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