What’s New in iBwave Design Suite

Design for network densification faster with the latest release of iBwave Design. Upgrade today to take advantage of the new quick connection tool for fast cabling, faster prediction times for large complex projects, and improved MIMO support, including 2x2, 4x4 and interleaved MIMO.

iBwave Design

Faster Prediction for Large Projects

  • Prediction Times
    • See up to 50% time savings when running your heatmaps for large and complex projects with a new prediction engine that maximizes the efficiency of your computer’s physical memory, drastically reducing the time it takes to run prediction.
  • Resolution and Walls
    • Take more control over prediction times by assigning certain areas low-resolution (for example, outdoor areas) or choose to opt out some walls all together from prediction if you want to.
  • Automated Backups
    • Better manage your prediction runs with the ability to resume any interrupted predictions (ex: from a power failure), view or delete prediction backups as you wish.
Automated Backups

Faster Cabling

  • Quick Connection Tool
    • Save up to 80% of your time with the new quick connection tool that automates the process of connecting one part to many in your designs. Select your source , your destinations, and cable and watch as it all quickly connects in seconds.
  • Risers
    • Risers are now available in iBwave Wi-Fi®. Real-world modeled risers are now available to design with, automatically aligned on your floor plans and capable of having multiple cables routed through the same riser.
  • Cable Trays as BOM Component
    • Cable paths can now have parts associated with them, turning them into a Bill of Materials component that will list a part with the entire length of the cable path associated to it.
Quick Connection Tool

Improved MIMO Support

  • Improved 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO Support
    • MIMO Ranking calculations are no longer assumed, but accurately calculated. And take advantage of the new Output Map Options including:
      • Diversity (Rank 1) – Multiple Identical Streams
      • Multiplexing (Max Rank) – Multiple Different Streams
      • Specific Path – Selected Stream
      • Automatic – Using the predicted MIMO rank in your output map
  • Ranking Maps
    • See a visual representation of rank locations on the output map.
  • MIMO Output Map Variations
    • View MIMO characteristics at Diversity, Multiplexing and Individual antenna path. Select MIMO stream options: Automatic (use ranking), Diversity (min rank), Multiplexing (max rank), or Specific Path.
  • BEAM Definitions
    • Define MIMO components with individual radiation patterns and phases for antennae. Create beams, assign to connectors, change azimuths, 2D patterns and more for each beam.
Improved 2x2 and 4x4 MIMO Support

Improved Annotations

  • Annotation Tools in Desktop
    • All the tools to markup and edit a picture annotation are now available on the desktop version as well.
  • Condensed Annotations Report
    • Select to have a ‘condensed annotations’ report, that combines the floor plan and the annotations on the same floor.
Improved Annotations

iBwave Mobile Planner and iBwave Mobile Note

Annotation Improvements

  • Component Images in Annotations
    • You can now add the part picture from the components database to your picture annotation. Re-size and rotate the image to fit proportionally into your image, enabling you to mock up a realistic image of part placement.
  • Annotation Relocations
    • Easily move annotations from floor to floor with the click of a button.
  • Duplicate Annotations
    • Duplicate images to create various versions of mock ups as you need to.
Component Images in Annotations