What’s New in iBwave Wi-Fi® Suite

Design your large complex Wi‑Fi network design projects faster with the newest release of iBwave Wi‑Fi®. With a focus on automation and prediction performance, working with large venue project files just got a lot easier to do.

iBwave Wi-Fi®

Faster Prediction for Large Projects

  • Prediction Times
    • See up to 50% time savings when running your heatmaps for large and complex projects with a new prediction engine that maximizes the efficiency of your computer’s physical memory, drastically reducing the time it takes to run prediction.
  • Resolution and Walls
    • Take more control over prediction times by assigning certain areas low-resolution (for example, outdoor areas) or choose to opt out some walls all together from prediction if you want to.
  • Automated Backups
    • Better manage your prediction runs with the ability to resume any interrupted predictions (ex: from a power failure), view or delete prediction backups as you wish.
Automated Backups

More Efficient Cabling

  • Quick Connection Tool
    • Save up to 80% of your time with the new quick connection tool that automates the process of connecting one part to many in your designs. For example: select your source (router, switcher, controller), your destinations (Access Points), and cable and watch as it all quickly connects in seconds.
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  • Risers
    • Risers are now available in iBwave Wi-Fi®. Real-world modeled risers are now available to design with, automatically aligned on your floor plans and capable of having multiple cables routed through the same riser.
  • Cable Trays as BOM Component
    • Cable paths can now have parts associated with them, turning them into a Bill of Materials component that will list a part with the entire length of the cable path associated to it.
Quick Connection Tool

Improved Annotations

  • Annotation Tools in Desktop
    • All the tools to markup and edit a picture annotation are now available on the desktop version as well.
  • Condensed Annotations Report
    • Select to have a ‘condensed annotations’ report, that combines the floor plan and the annotations on the same floor.
Improved Annotations

iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile

Annotation Improvements

  • Component Images in Annotations
    • You can now add the part picture from the components database to your picture annotation. Re-size and rotate the image to fit proportionally into your image, enabling you to mock up a realistic image of part placement.
  • Annotation Relocations
    • Easily move annotations from floor to floor with the click of a button.
  • Duplicate Annotations
    • Duplicate images to create various versions of mock ups as you need to.
Component Images in Annotations