As the most powerful software to design large and complex in‑building wireless networks, iBwave Design Enterprise is the most productive way to deliver all of your wireless network projects. With multi-technology, multi‑building support, advanced 3D modeling, coverage and advanced capacity simulations for increased network densification, automatic link budget calculations, error checking and a customizable database of over 29,000 parts and growing, iBwave Design Enterprise is an userfriendly tool for all your in‑building RF projects.






iBwave Design Screen




  • Processor: > 2.0 GHz
  • Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Memory: 2 gigabytes (GB) of RAM
  • Hard Disk: 500 MB (including Microsoft .NET Framework installation)
  • Display: 1024 x 768, 24 bits
Recommended (for large projects)
  • Processor: Intel i7 Processor 2600 (3.4 Ghz) or more
  • Operating System: Windows 7 64‑bit, Windows 10 64‑bit
  • Memory: 12 gigabytes (GB) of RAM or more
  • Hard Disk: 500 MB (including Microsoft .NET Framework installation)
  • Display: 1680 x 1050, 32 bits
  • Video Card with 3D support and at least 256 Mb
Note: A Server License is required for the installation of iBwave Design in a virtual environment or Citrix
* iBwave Design Enterprise trial license does not run in a virtual environment.


HetNet Design with a database of 29,000 + parts

Design every detail of your in-building wireless networks using our database of over 29,000 components and counting for all wireless technologies. Automate and simplify designing large and complex in‑building wireless networks. Deliver more projects in less time and watch your project pipeline and revenues grow.
  • Active/Passive DAS, Wi-Fi, small cells, public safety
  • LTE, LTE Advanced, LTE LAA, CBRS, IoT, LoRa support
  • Database of more than 29,000 network components
  • Detailed network diagrams with automated link budget calculations
  • Coax, CAT5 or Fiber cabling backhaul modeling
  • Automated AP/SC placement and optimal antenna placement
  • Customizable equipment cost and list of approved parts
  • Network validation and error checking



Built-in 3D modeler to improve design accuracy and wow customers

View network designs in advanced 3D. View the height and placement of components, how components are connected floor‑to‑floor, and toggle your design layers to customize your view. Use iBwave Viewer to share the 3D view of the design with your customer, showing them exactly what the network will look like, and how it will perform after deployment.
  • Model multiple buildings and multi‑layered floor plans
  • Import floor plans from CAD, PDF and image files
  • Model walls, horizontal surfaces and inclined surfaces
  • Zone layer per wireless service
  • Toggle design layers
  • Export to Google Earth
  • Export 3D images to image files



Advanced RF propagation and capacity analysis to validate your design before deployment

Test the coverage and throughput of your network before it is deployed using the in-building prediction engine proven and trusted by thousands of customers worldwide. Simulate the traffic usage on your network with the most advanced capacity analysis tool on the market to ensure that you will meet traffic demands. Validate the performance compliance based on your customer requirements and prevent costly changes post installation.
  • Fast Ray Tracing COST231 and VPLE (quick design) propagation
  • Precise 3D coverage output maps (RSSI, RSCP, RSRP)
  • Signal quality and data rate output maps (SNIR, RSRQ, MADR)
  • Smart Antenna Contouring to show live signal strength predictions
  • Body loss modeling for highly dense venues (stadium, arena, etc.)
  • Detailed multi‑technology traffic definition and network capacity validation
  • LTE best server & hand‑off matrix to optimize existing design for higher data rate
  • LTE frequency re‑use to increase overall user data throughput
  • Body loss modeling for highly dense venues e.g. stadium, arena, ...
  • Capacity and average downlink data rate per user maps
  • Wi‑Fi Offload modeling (VoWi‑Fi and VoLTE)
  • PIM calculations and EMF calculation and analysis
  • Compliance results based on user defined pass/fail criteria



Integration with 3rd party collection and outdoor planning tools

iBwave Design integrates will all the major collection tools and outdoor planning tools. This means you will spend less time manually transferring data between tools and more time leveraging RF measurements and outdoor prediction to deliver the most accurate and optimized designs for your customers.
  • Import RF measurements from any leading RF collection tool
  • Import RF prediction data from any leading outdoor planning tool
  • Consider macro network using a given value, macro planning tool, or survey measurements
  • Calibrate the prediction model using CW field measurements
  • Survey measurement and prediction vs. measured reports
  • Wi‑Fi active and passive surveys



Automatic reports and proposals to close projects faster

Closing out a project can take a lot of manual effort and valuable time. With iBwave Design Enterprise, key project reports for closing projects can be produced with the click of a button and then easily reproduced again and again when design changes occur. Reports can also be customized and branded to suit your needs.
  • Annotations, Output maps & Survey data reports
  • Equipment list & Cost Details reports
  • Link budget & horizontal link budget reports
  • Antennas report
  • Cable Routing & Cross‑reference report
  • Access Points & Small Cells report
  • Version tracking to ensure design consistency across multiple projects
  • Compliance report



Discover the right iBwave Design Enterprise solution for you.

iBwave Design Enterprise comes as a base package with optional modules so you can customize your purchase and pay for only what you need. Modules can be added anytime so as you grow and your needs change, your iBwave Design Enterprise solution can change with you. 



iBwave Design Enterprise: Base Package

With the base package, you can automate many in‑building design tasks including link budget calculations, equipment list report, and EMF compliancy. With just the base package alone you can significantly reduce the risk of design errors and shave 40% off your total design time.

iBwave Design Enterprise Base Package

Model advanced 3D building environments with built‑in materials

  • Buildings and multi‑layered floor plans
  • Inclined surfaces supported
  • Built‑in 3D viewer
  • Zone layer per wireless service
  • Export to Google Earth
iBwave Design Enterprise Base Package

Design Hetnet networks with wide range of supported technologies

  • Active/Passive DAS, Wi‑Fi, small cells, public safety
  • Automatic RF Downlink/Uplink budget calculations
  • Coax, CAT‑5 or fiber cabling modeling
  • Network validation & error checking
iBwave Design Enterprise Base Package

Select parts from the largest Database of components on the market

  • Over 29,000 parts created based on manufacturer specifications
  • Cabling, antennas, small cells, passive components, etc.
  • Database editor to add, edit, delete components
  • Customized part pricing and inventory number
iBwave Design Enterprise Base Package

Create detailed floor plans with location of equipment and routing of cables

  • Import floor plans from CAD, PDF, image files
  • Automatic cable length calculations
  • Automated documentation legends
  • Export floor plans to AutoCAD or PDF
iBwave Design Enterprise Base Package

Create project proposals and survey reports in minutes with the automated reports

  • Annotations, Output maps & Survey data
  • Equipment list & Cost Details
  • Link budget reports
  • Antennas and Access point report
  • Cable Routing & Cross-reference report



iBwave Design Enterprise: Propagation Module

Simulate your network's performance in 3D before deployment to eliminate the risk of post‑deployment troubleshooting costs. Generate professional proposals with detailed coverage maps showing customer KPI compliancy.

iBwave Design Enterprise Propagation Module

Verify the coverage of your network with advanced 3D propagation maps

  • RSCP, RSRP, RSSI propagation maps
  • Best server, Service count maps
  • Fast Ray Tracing propagation
  • COST231 propagation
  • VPLE iBwave patented propagation engine for fast design
iBwave Design Enterprise Propagation Module

Import propagation information from leading outdoor planning tool

  • Import propagation maps for any floor in a building
  • Interpolate the leakage of the macro network inside a venue
  • Consider the macro coverage in your design and the dominance of the indoor network (optimization Module required)
iBwave Design Enterprise Propagation Module

Validate the performance compliancy of your network based on your customer requirements

  • Design templates with precise pass/fail criteria, prediction parameters and design layout
  • Output maps compliancy results
  • Compliance reports with overall compliancy results



iBwave Design Enterprise: Optimization Module

Detect and analyze the surrounding outdoor signal source's data throughput, quality, and interference. Use this information to optimize antenna placement and minimize your equipment costs. The optimization module also includes plenty of automated functions for DAS, Wi‑Fi and small cells to reduce the design process.

iBwave Design Enterprise Optimization Module

Perform advanced RF analysis considering inter‑cell noise and surrounding networks

  • Dominance over Macro output map
  • SNIR, RSRQ output maps
  • Consider macro network using a given value, macro planning tool prediction or survey measurements
  • PIM calculations and analysis
iBwave Design Enterprise Optimization Module

Validate the capacity of your network with precise traffic definition and technology offloads

  • Traffic definition per floor and per zone (hotspots)
  • Operator split / technology split
  • Multi-technology analysis
  • Capacity and average downlink data rate per user maps
  • Inclusion of capacity results in Compliance report
iBwave Design Enterprise Optimization Module

Speed up the planning process with design automation functions

  • Automatic Access point placement
  • Automatic Wi‑Fi channel assignment
  • Automatic cable and splitter selection
  • Optimal Antenna Placement


iBwave Design Enterprise: Collection Module

Import and display pre and post installation RF measurements collected on‑site with any leading collection tool. Use the measurements to optimize your design (pre‑installation), to validate the performance of your network (post installation) and to calibrate the propagation for higher accuracy (CW measurements). Generate professional close‑out packages that include KPIs from RF measurements and comparison with the original design.

iBwave Design Enterprise Collection Module

Import Measurements from all the major collection tools to optimize your design

  • Supports all the leading collection tools
  • Consider data to optimize your design
  • Survey interpolation maps
  • Survey measurement report
  • Prediction vs. Measured report
iBwave Design Enterprise Collection Module

Perform active and passive surveys for Wi‑Fi directly from your laptop

  • Configurable survey configuration (Protocol, packet size, direction, period)
  • Integrated Active Survey server
  • Survey with internal radio or external dongles
  • Active and passive survey simultaneously
iBwave Design Enterprise Collection Module

Improve accuracy of your design by performing CW testing and calibrate the prediction model

  • Import CW data in csv format
  • Create prediction models based on field measurements
  • Assign calibrated models to antennas, small cells or Wi‑Fi access points
COLLECTION TOOLS INTEGRATION MATRIX Import survey to iBwave Design using CSV format Import IBWC files from iBwave Design
Accuver XCAL‑Harmony
Accuver XCAL‑Mobile
Anritsu MA8100A
Atec Wireless iMeasure
BVS Coyote
ComTel MicroDM
EXFO MobileXplorer
FalconSmart FalconKit
InCode WirelessPro
Keysight Nemo Analyze
Multiple Access Communications CatchAll-SE
Pctel SeeHawk
Rohde & Schwarz Romes
STI Field Test 7
SwissQual Qualipoc
TRX Systems NEON Signal Mapper
Verizon DataPRO DM
Verveba Tapas Auto
WirelessMetrix Link Master LML, ML8725A
ZK Celltest products




Large Venues
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Are you deploying Wireless In‑Building DAS, Small Cells, Wi‑Fi or Public safety networks? Tired of doing it manually with Visio, Excel and AutoCAD? iBwave Design Enterprise can help. Let us show you how.

Looking for the entry‑level version of iBwave Design? Be sure to check out  iBwave Design Lite


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