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iBwave FiberPass 1.2 MB
iBwave Design Enterprise 434 KB
iBwave Design Lite 1.6 MB
iBwave Unity Enterprise 1.7 MB
iBwave Unity Team 494 KB
iBwave Wi-Fi® Solution 630 KB
iBwave Wi-Fi® Suite 956 KB
iBwave Wi-Fi® 563 KB
iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile 521 KB
iBwave Mobile Note 690 KB
iBwave Mobile Planner 582 KB
iBwave Professional Services 318 KB

Papiers techniques

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5G Technology Primer 1.5 MB
Rank Indicator Modeling in iBwave Design 1.1 MB
In-Building Network Evolution: from 4G to 5G 1.0 MB
7 Key Factors to Consider When Designing Wi-Fi- Networks 1.5 MB
How to Design Better Wireless Networks for Stadiums 3.9 MB
Shopping Malls: Matching Smart Shoppers with Smart Networks 2.4 MB
Undergound Wireless Design for Rapid Rail Transit: Challenges and Best Practices 4.2 MB
Business Campus: Connecting the Corporate HQ 1.5 MB
High-Density Wireless Networks for Public Venues: Challenges and Best Practices 360 KB

Livres électroniques

Nom Taille Document PDF
Fiber 101 4.1 MB
Wi-Fi 6 and Enterprise Networking Convergence 3.5 MB
Designing Public Safety Networks 4.4 MB
5G & In-Building Wireless Convergence 3.1 MB
Designing Wi-Fi in Stadiums 5.8 MB
Designing Wi-Fi Networks in Warehouse & Manufacturing Environments 5.3 MB
Designing Wi-Fi Networks in Retail Environments 5.3 MB
In-Building Network Convergence 3.2 MB
Wi-Fi Challenges and Best Practices in Hospitality 2.1 MB

Formation et certification

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Plan de cours : iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile 190 KB
Plan de cours : Module de planification de la capacité 188 KB
Plan de cours : Petites cellules 139 KB
Plan de cours : Les principes fondamentaux des réseaux intérieurs 742 KB
Programme de certification iBwave 338 KB
Programme niveau 2 202 KB
Programme niveau 3 200 KB
Programme niveau 1 140 KB
Plan de cours : iBwave Wi-Fi® (pour PC) 196 KB

Documents comparatifs

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Document comparatif iBwave Design & iBwave Wi-Fi® 90 KB
Document comparatif iBwave Mobile Note & iBwave Mobile Planner 61 KB
Document comparatif iBwave Unity 59 KB

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  Visionnez la démo de la Suite iBwave 1 heure

Études de cas

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Étude de cas : How BearCom Achieved 100% Connectivity in the Tallest High-rise in Calgary 788 KB
Étude de cas : How CAR-SA used iBwave Wi-Fi® to cut Wi-Fi network design times in half 638 KB
Étude de cas : How ARRIS uses iBwave Wi-Fi® to save up to 70% of time on their Wi-Fi network designs. 627 KB
Étude de cas : How one of the largest package delivery companies in the world uses iBwave to deploy & manage their Wi-Fi networks across thousands of sites. 5.6 MB
Étude de cas : WZC networking redesigns the wi-fi network of a large convention center 50% faster using iBwave Wi-Fi 1.2 MB
Étude de cas : Airvana Delivers Exceptional Wireless Experience at University Coliseum using iBwave Design + Optimization Module 1.75 MB
Étude de cas : Tier-1 Operator Saves 10 Hours on the Planning and Design of an Enterprise Small Cells Network with iBwave Mobile Planner 443 KB
Étude de cas : An Operator Triples Its Small Cells Deployment Rate with iBwave 330 KB
Étude de cas : CTS 330 KB
Étude de cas : MobileAccess 188 KB
Exporting success stories 63 KB
Land Mobile magazine article 4.5 MB