NC Plan chooses iBwave Design as Best Tool for In-Building

German Company, NC Plan, Chooses iBwave Design as Best Tool for Wireless In-Building Deployments

Montreal, CANADA - January 16, 2012iBwave is proud to announce that its’ flagship product, iBwave Design, the leading software worldwide for indoor wireless design-planning and system deployment, has been selected by German company, NC Plan, as its design tool of choice for all future indoor wireless design system deployments.

NC Plan has several significant in-building projects lined up, one of which includes installing GSM & UMTS in-house systems at the new Waldorf Astoria Berlin hotel. The company’s Divisional Manager, Jens Neumann commented “The unique technical features and marketing value derived from iBwave Design will help us create high-quality wireless systems, which will benefit mobile operators looking to offer advanced technology optimum coverage in indoor environments.” 

The iBwave Design software will help automate the entire in-building network planning and design process for the company. Additional modules were also purchased to generate 3-D propagation maps of wireless network coverage before actual project deployment. It can generate professional documentation and enhanced visual images as well, permitting effective communication with clients, and expediting the approval process of design proposals. 

iBwave CEO, Mario Bouchard, says the new purchase is a great achievement for the company. “Germany is the largest telecom industry in all of Europe with data-intensive wireless access expectations on the rise. We are pleased to see our products gaining trust in that region.” The company says NC Plan’s iBwave Design purchase will help mobile users communicate more effectively inside buildings. To learn more about iBwave’s products, visit  //

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