iBwave Innovates With e-Learning Centre Platform

iBwave Innovates With e-Learning Centre Platform to Certify RF Professionals Online

Montreal, Canada – September 1, 2010iBwave, the leading provider of in-building wireless software solutions, announces today the official launch of its newest online training platform, the e-Learning Centre, that allows RF professionals worldwide to get Certified online on iBwave’s flagship iBwave Design software from the comfort of their office, at their own pace.

The e-Learning Centre is a platform that supports iBwave’s Certification program course curriculum developed with the contribution of Dr. Simon Saunders, the distinguished wireless communications specialist and technologist, founder of the Real Wireless consultancy. It covers in-building industry reviews, wireless network planning, in-building wireless project deployment and reporting capabilities. iBwave’s certification gears RF professionals with the proper knowledge to fast-track their learning through hands-on training using practical examples while strengthening their design skills to learn best practices for thorough in-building wireless deployments.

“Our intuitive and interactive platform facilitates access of in-building professionals to our Certification, which is increasingly becoming a de-facto standard in the industry,” says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave. “Our e-Learning Centre will optimize RF professionals’ time management while giving them quick proficiency on our software to efficiently work on in-building projects. Certified organizations will be ensured of consistent project processes when working on network deployments and give them the added-value of being recognized as industry in-building professionals and experts.”

With iBwave’s new e-learning platform, RF professionals can follow their own schedule to complete the course and have access to helpful online learning resources such as videos, narrated slides and practical exercises, discussion boards and course management tools.

iBwave’s Certification Program has proven to help standardize in-building wireless design processes. It offers thorough knowledge and sharpens skills required to design the most challenging in-building wireless projects and control their deployments. Team collaboration and efficiency is increased, skills are validated and industry recognition of achievements is confirmed.

iBwave will continue to populate its e-Learning Centre platform with additional courses, such as the second Expert level of its well-established Certification Program. À la carte in-building courses will also be available.

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