iBwave Introduces New Module To Support LTE, HSPA & Other Data

iBwave Introduces New Module To Support LTE, HSPA and Other Data Centric Technologies. iBwave’s Optimization Module Helps RF Professionals Better Plan Indoor Wireless Networks Using Outdoor Data And Maps

Montreal, Canada – January 6, 2010 – iBwave officially launches today a new module as an add-on to iBwave Design’s Propagation Module. The Optimization module combines both the input from indoor and outdoor networks to leverage the design of indoor networks with a complete understanding of outdoor signals and interferences to properly achieve high data throughput provided by LTE, WiMAX and HSPA technologies.

The Optimization module was created to cover the needs of wireless operators and system integrators to design indoor networks more effectively by analyzing data throughput to support bandwidth-intensive applications triggered by the latest generations of smartphones and deliver higher quality of service. 

“At iBwave, our commitment to our clients and to the industry is to always develop new products that will sustain the ever changing technology requirements in the wireless mobile world,” says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave. “Our Optimization module further completes the solutions we offer so that operators can design the most reliable and fastest in-building wireless networks that support their data hungry and technology savvy mobile subscribers. Especially when statistics show that 60 to 80% of mobile usage is generated indoors and data usage is rising 10 to15 times faster than voice.”   

iBwave’s Optimization module allows to extrapolate the outdoor signal inside the building to estimate and view the signal quality and determine if an indoor system is required. The outdoor signal can be imported from leading outdoor planning tools or data collection tools that are currently available on the in-building wireless market.

The interference from floor to floor is more often than not very diverse, especially in high rise buildings, with major differences between top and bottom floors. Understanding this metric is essential to properly plan and design the indoor wireless network to guarantee signal dominance, quality and highest data rate possible. Installing the right amount of antennas per floor and at the right location is mandatory to deliver high expectations of new technologies at the lower cost possible and to support the growing demands of heavy mobile phone users. iBwave’s Optimization module is compatible with the existing indoor protocols to enhance mobile network performances and increase interoperability with existing wireless standards.

iBwave will continue to develop its products and services to support the industry’s evolving technologies for better conception of indoor wireless networks towards faster and more reliable support of mobile data transmission.

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