iBwave Design Complete Suite of Indoor Wireless Software

iBwave Launches iBwave Design With Its Complete Suite of Indoor Wireless Software Products And Services. iBwave Design Software Version 5.0 Replaces the Much Anticipated RF-vu PRO 5.0

Montreal, Canada – November 24, 2009 – iBwave announces today the the largest software release that includes the new version of its flagship software iBwave Design and its new Optimization module, as well as the new iBwave Field software. iBwave Design 5.0 is essentially the same software platform as the anticipated version 5.0 of RF-vu PRO with an enhanced list of new features that further optimize the design and planning of in-building wireless networks.

“We are proud to launch today our flagship iBwave Design. iBwave Design version 5.0 keeps pace with technology where 2G and 3G wireless networks are covered, and also includes new high-speed technologies such as LTE and 4G,” says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave. “More features were also added to improve design automation and eliminate guesswork, which improves RF engineers’ confidence and ability to bring strong, reliable wireless communications indoors.”

Following its brand revamp, iBwave has renamed its suite of software products and services to simplify its brand architecture model in an effort to better communicate the wide-array of solutions offered to its customer base. The new system includes the renaming of the formerly RF-vu PRO to iBwave Design, RF-vu VIEWER to iBwave Viewer, and the launch of a new and redefined iBwave Field for field technicians and other RF professionals.  

iBwave Field software allows field technicians and other RF professionals to optimize their time on the field and to equip them with complimentary software used by RF engineers so that both can work on the same platform. iBwave Field allows RF professionals to conduct site surveys and gather the building’s architectural information in the planning phase and to troubleshoot in-building networks post-installation by pinpointing performance issues for RF professionals to act on during walk tests and perform ‘as built’ designs. When used in combination, the iBwave Design and iBwave Field software products encourage interdepartmental collaboration between engineering and operations and structure the project deployment workflow with a streamlined process.

iBwave also innovated by introducing for the first time the much anticipated Optimization Module. Optimization, used in combination with iBwave Design’s Propagation Module, fully leverages and integrates indoor solutions with outdoor signals and interferences. It offers multiple capabilities, such as the extrapolation of outdoor wireless signals inside the building to analyze signal quality and data throughput in the planning phase. The Optimization Module helps to prioritize indoor areas that require the highest quality of indoor coverage to meet specific design requirements.

Some key features of iBwave Design 5.0 since RF-vu 4.2 are: 

  • Export layout plans to AutoCAD

  • Automatically assign components to a floor number on the Design Plan

  • Customizable component browser with search and favourite list

  • Ability to optimize labels locations

  • Equipment list report of component changes between two project versions (Delta report)

  • Horizontal Link Budget report

  • Automatic building positioning and sizing from Google Earth KML file

Many more features were enhanced and added in 
iBwave Design’ Propagation and Collection Modules. Some key features of Propagation and Collection Modules are:

  • New prediction map to display nature of the path in Dominant Path model (LOS / OLOS / NLOS)

  • Improvement in Best Server map 

  • Improvement in Google Earth integration

  • Ability to create incline walls and surfaces to simulate staircases

  • Major additions to the Collection Module include the ability to manually enter survey data and create routes on floor plans

iBwave plans on further developing new wireless in-building solutions and services to cater to important telecom operators, system integrators as well as equipment manufacturers worldwide. iBwave is currently developing an Enterprise version of iBwave Design and iBwave Field, which will act as a platform to centralize, aggregate and archive project data in a repository specific to in-building wireless projects with  advanced data mining and reporting capabilities. The first version of iBwave’s Enterprise system will soon be available in spring 2010

About iBwave
iBwave Solutions, the standard for converged indoor network planning is the power behind great in-building wireless experience, enabling billions of end users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues. As the global industry reference, our software solutions allow for smarter planning, design and deployment of any project regardless of size, complexity or technology. Along with innovative software, we are recognized for world class support in 90 countries, industry’s most comprehensive components database and a well-established certification program. For more information visit: www.ibwave.com

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