iBwave Unveils Today the Anticipated iBwave Design Version 4.2

iBwave Adds Enhanced Outdoor Capabilities and Improved Features to New Version of iBwave Design Suite

Montreal, Canada – February 23, 2009 – iBwave Solutions releases today the new 4.2 version of its iBwave Design in-building worldwide standard software and suite. iBwave has enhanced the versatility of its platform to allow RF Engineers to design state-of-the-art in-building networks in combination with existing outdoor prediction data, and help the entire indoor industry value-chain with the planning and design of wireless networks.

“iBwave Design keeps on improving, offering new features that respond to the needs, demands and requests of both our customers and the elements that drive today’s in-building market worldwide,” says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave. “iBwave Design version 4.2 will satisfy in-building experts by giving them the enhanced capability they need to efficiently plan and design networks. This version answers the increasing demand for higher mobility services within buildings and the industry’s growing needs for better network performance.”

iBwave Design Suite version 4.2 was developed to incorporate enhanced 4G capabilities. iBwave has also followed-up on its last year’s first initiative with Mentum to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor wireless network design with a new anticipated feature that allows to import into iBwave Design the outdoor 3D prediction maps from the outdoor wireless industry leaders Mentum, Aircom International and Forsk through the propagation interfaces developed by AWE Communications and Siradel.

Some key features of iBwave Design 4.2 are:

  • Support of new technologies and bands (LTE, 802.11n and more)
  • Overall improvement of software performance
  • Ability to import outdoor coverage maps from Mentum Planet, Aircom Asset and Forsk Atoll through AWE WinProp and Siradel Volcano Lab’ software engines

iBwave is committed to developing state-of-the-art products and services tailored to meet today’s reality of increasing demands for easier access to data and wireless mobile services within buildings. As such, iBwave continues investing in product R&D to better meet the industry’s evolving expectations and deliver best-in-class customer experience.

About iBwave
iBwave Solutions, the standard for converged indoor network planning is the power behind great in-building wireless experience, enabling billions of end users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues. As the global industry reference, our software solutions allow for smarter planning, design and deployment of any project regardless of size, complexity or technology. Along with innovative software, we are recognized for world class support in 90 countries, industry’s most comprehensive components database and a well-established certification program. For more information visit: www.ibwave.com

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