iBwave uses Siradel’s VolcanoLAB Technology

iBwave uses Siradel’s VolcanoLAB Technology to Import Outdoor Data in its iBwave Design Software. Developed by Siradel, the integrated propagation model software VolcanoLAB allows in-building RF Engineers to import propagation prediction results from Outdoor software tools developed by Forsk and Aircom International into iBwave Design Software

Rennes, France – January 16, 2009 – Siradel is pleased to announce that its VolcanoLAB software can now be used as an interface to allow users of iBwave Design, iBwave Solutions’ in-building industry standard design & planning software, to import outdoor propagation prediction data and maps into their iBwave Design indoor wireless network designs. The interface between Siradel’s Volcano technology and iBwave Design eases the combination of indoor predictions with outdoor simulation data generated by Forsk’s Atoll and Aircom International’s Asset.

“SIRADEL is very pleased to cooperate with iBwave and give to RF engineers the possibility to integrate in their indoor network design accurate outdoor to indoor radio coverage,” says Laurent Bouillot, CEO of Siradel.

This collaboration aims to complement each party’s tool and provides a complete solution, bringing together the outdoor coverage surrounding a building and the indoor coverage inside that building, in one single view. A significant advantage of Siradel’s Volcano product suite is the use of the Volcano 3D Urban Model (ray-tracing model) to provide multi-floor coverage (prediction at various reception heights), which is essential for the design and planning of indoor wireless networks in dense, high-rise environments.

“We are happy that Siradel has joined our initiative and decided to participate in the trend of bridging the gap between indoor and outdoor worlds,” says Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave Solutions.

Today, the needs for accurate radio network designs are increasing. Radio network planners can use the combination of both products to have an overall view of their in-building network deployment, and how they would behave in reality, in the presence of outdoor network wireless coverage.


Siradel is the initiator of commercial propagation model concept and now has already become the world leader in this important niche market in the telecom industry. The model ‘Volcano’, including a series of modules, helps you design and optimize any wireless network including 3G, WiMAX, Wifi, Digital Video Broadcasting… Siradel produces high quality map data and carries out radio coverage expertise including measurement campaigns and model tuning all over the world. These three business units work independently but can also be the global solution to guarantee the success of your network planning and optimisation.

Siradel is member of european R&D committees (COST, SEE, IEEE) and participates on 18 national & international R&D projects to always be one step ahead and anticipate on future needs across the wireless industry.

For more information, please contact us by email: info@siradel.com or visit our website: www.siradel.com

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