iBwave Announces Launch of its New iBwave Design 4.0 Version

iBwave Announces the Launch of its New iBwave Design 4.0 Version. iBwave raises the standards in the in-building wireless industry with its new 3D iBwave Design software

Montreal, Canada, November 8, 2007 – iBwave Solutions Inc, the industry-leading provider of in-building wireless planning and design software, announces the launch of its new iBwave Design with 3D planning. iBwave Design 4.0 not only adds-on to the versatile features of its 3.1 previous version but allows engineers to use the new enhanced platform to its full potential.

Last spring, iBwave introduced the first simultaneous multi-band prediction tool based on real Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) RF Power. When teamed with the iBwave Design 3.0 version, users were able to have simultaneous multi-technology prediction capability for enhanced productivity and reduced site survey costs. With the new iBwave Design 4.0 version, iBwave has now expanded the platform’s functionalities into the 3-Dimensional realm. Users now have the ability to create 3D building modeling and visualizations as well as design and 3D predictions used to improve design productivity and comprehension.

With the release of iBwave Design 4.0 and its recent cooperation with Anite, a leader in wireless network measurement solutions, iBwave is now able to offer a Data Collection plug-in supporting Nemo’s technology. This move expands iBwave’s product offering and perpetuates its strategic vision by proposing a complete solution of products that satisfies the industry’s in-building wireless needs.

iBwave Design 4.0’s many improved benefits allow for superior designs and reduces design time. It also facilitates exchanges of information between all members of a project’s value chain such as operators, equipment vendors, building owners and network contractors when downloading the free iBwave VIEWER.

Some key features of iBwave Design 4.0 are:

  • 3D building modeling and visualization with propagation results

  • NemoTM Interface to import and display Survey Data

  • New technologies and bands (WiMax / MediaFLO / ZigBee / RFID and many more)

  • Many new features were added to answer our customers’ needs based on their feedbacks and requests

Mario Bouchard, President and CEO states, “The new iBwave Design 4.0 version is by far the largest and most complete software to be introduced in the in-building wireless industry. Our goal is to provide a solution for everyone who is involved with in-building wireless projects. Our product does just that since it answers the needs of operators, equipment vendors, network contractors and building owners. iBwave Design 4.0 expands our strategic vision of delivering the best possible tools by building a wide product portfolio to set a new standard for the in-building wireless planning and design industry. With the new 4.0 version and customers from over 40 countries, iBwave has reached a new level where we can leverage our credibility to maintain our growth within international markets. We intend to continuously challenge ourselves to innovate and develop a product line that surpasses expectations each time.”

iBwave, with its new iBwave Design 4.0 version, has once more succeeded at what it does best: to ensure its clients benefit from a rapid Return on Investment (ROI); reducing workload, time and costs and making engineers’ everyday tasks trouble free.

About iBwave
iBwave Solutions, the standard for converged indoor network planning is the power behind great in-building wireless experience, enabling billions of end users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues. As the global industry reference, our software solutions allow for smarter planning, design and deployment of any project regardless of size, complexity or technology. Along with innovative software, we are recognized for world class support in 90 countries, industry’s most comprehensive components database and a well-established certification program. For more information visit: www.ibwave.com

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