Twincom Purchases Additional iBwave Design Licenses

Twincom Purchases Additional iBwave Design Licenses to Ease Philippines' 4G Deployment Surge

MONTREAL, CANADA, SEPTEMBER 19, 2013 — iBwave, the standard for in-building software and training globally, is proud to announce that Twincom, a leading indoor system integrator in the Philippines, is adding iBwave Design licenses to its existing pool in order to address growing indoor 4G deployment needs. The company, an existing iBwave customer is significantly upgrading its pool of users and thus, increasing their capability to handle a growing number of 4G projects. The deal stems from an increase in the number of projects allocated by tier-1 Philippines mobile operator Globe Telecom as well as from the need to provide optimal indoor 4G connectivity throughout the Philippines.

iBwave Design is a great tool that allows us to plan and roll-out sites much quicker than with manual methods which is essential in order to deploy optimal 4G networks that will properly address capacity and data rate constraints” says Wilson Ngo, COO at Twincom. “We therefore decided to add several more licenses to our pool as well as to upgrade some of the licenses to include the iBwave Optimization Module. As one of the first users of iBwave Design in the Philippines, we are very proud to constantly grow our ability to take on more challenging projects and to deploy new technologies using world class solutions.”

“Over the years, iBwave has maintained a very close relationship with Twincom, along with the many other system integrators using our tool in the Philippines” says Juan Felipe Gonzalez, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at iBwave. “It has been great to see Twincom strive and we believe that as an independent solution provider, we can work with the system integrators and the operators in order to ensure that our solutions meet the needs of everyone involved in planning, deploying, operating and maintaining indoor RF sites. In essence, we see our role as providing a common platform that everyone can use to streamline processes.”  

Twincom, which works for tier-1 mobile operators Globe and SMART in the Philippines, now has several iBwave Design licenses as well as all three of the add-on modules – Propagation, Optimization and Collection – allowing them to create more accurate, faster and more efficient indoor designs, an asset that will help the company get through the 4G deployment surge and help people stay seamlessly connected inside buildings throughout the Philippines.

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