iBwave 8: never hear a complainT about your Wi-Fi network EVER again

You may not know us so we'll get right to the point - we have the most powerful software on the market for IT teams like yours to design Wi‑Fi networks your customers and employees will...say absolutely nothing about. We know this because hundreds of companies worldwide have trusted our software for years to design wireless networks (most recently for the Wi‑Fi at the Rio Olympics!).

Our software is completely focused on productivity and ensuring network quality. For you this means drastically faster deployment times, no troubleshooting costs, and an easy way to maintain and upgrade your networks in the future.

Here are 3 keys ways our Wi‑Fi network design software can help you.

1) Design your entire network. Place APs, route cabling, place routers, switches, connectors. Easily generate a full bill of materials and cost estimate report.

2) Ensure Wi‑Fi is great everywhere in the building. Plan capacity for high‑traffic 'hotspots' so you know exactly what your users Wi‑Fi experience will be.

3) Enable collaboration and faster site surveys. Equip your IT team with our powerful mobile app to easily complete site surveys, gather site images and notes, start the network design and view heatmaps on‑the‑spot. Share all information and files easily through the cloud and work together to deploy networks faster.

Plus it's easy on the budget ...and we’re serious about that, too.

A Site Survey and Wi‑Fi Network Design Mobile App for your IT Team

iBwave Mobile phone-friendly UI

Equip your IT team with our cloud‑connected mobile app to do site surveys, document site images and notes to geo‑located pushpins on the floorplan, start or complete simple designs on‑site, plan capacity, and run prediction.


Cloud Connectivity
Save all your survey and design files to the cloud,
work on them from either your tablet or PC.

Powerful Wi‑Fi Network Design Software for PC/Laptop

Use the more powerful PC software to finalize the designs started on the mobile app or start a new one from scratch. Design Wi‑Fi networks in 3D from a database of all vendor‑modeled network parts, route cabling, accurately plan capacity, generate a complete Bill‑of‑Materials, and run predition.


Average Throughput Map 3D and Wifi

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