Part creation

Scope of offered service

  • Based on RF specifications provided by the manufacturer, iBwave can model a wide range of RF or electrical parts for iBwave Design, e.g. antennas, cables, couplers, combiners, amplifiers, repeaters, remotes, active solutions, BTS, small cells, Wi-Fi APs, etc.
  • Interested clients can also follow a tailor made training on part creation according to their needs.


iBwave Part Creation Service  iBwave Part Creation Service


Deliverables to customer

  • iBwave will provide a *.vex file that includes parts to be modeled. The vex file can in turn be imported in iBwave Design database using DB Editor.
  • If need be, iBwave can produce a simple RF design for demo purpose and/or a tech note for more complex parts configurations.
  • iBwave will also publish the parts on its online catalogue page ( and the parts will be available to the iBwave user community. On request, parts can be published as private, meaning the vex download is only accessible upon manufacturer authorization.


What part modeling services do not include

Antenna patterns can only be loaded if provided by the manufacturer in Planet format. In case antenna patterns cannot be provided in such a format, iBwave will load generic antenna patterns.


Project quotation

In order to provide a quote for part modeling services, please send the list of models to be created and their specs to your local iBwave Sales Rep.