AHD to use iBwave Products for Indoor LTE Deployments

AHD to use iBwave Products for Indoor LTE Deployments throughout the Philippines

MONTREAL, CANADA, February 18, 2014 — iBwave, the standard for in-building software and training globally, is proud to announce that Advance Communication System Inc. (AHD), a leading system integrator in the Philippines with many years of experience in the indoor wireless sector, has purchased iBwave products in order to increase their efficiency and better support LTE indoor wireless upgrades in the Philippines. The deal comes as massive investments are being made by operators toward LTE network upgrades throughout the country.

“LTE technology is creating great new business opportunities but it also come with many challenges, namely ensuring adequate coverage and capacity while keeping costs down” says Allyson Jarlos, General Manager at AHD. “All operators in the Philippines are now expecting in-building designs to be submitted using the iBwave format and given the gain in productivity and design accuracy that the product suite provides, it was an easy decision for us to invest in iBwave products.”

AHD are specialists in planning, deploying, maintaining and operating indoor wireless networks in the Philippines. They now have iBwave Design with the Propagation module, allowing them to automate the design of optimal indoor wireless networks and utilize the industry’s best ray tracing prediction model. The company also has iBwave Mobile, allowing their field technicians to do indoor site surveys, quickly and easily from their mobile devices, enabling further savings and increasing inter-departmental efficiency.

“The Philippines are one of the leaders in Southeast Asia’s migration to LTE with their focus on data and seamless connectivity” says Juan Felipe Gonzalez, Senior VP Global Sales at iBwave. “We’re proud to supply the chosen software solution for the Philippines’ nationwide 4G deployment.”

Operators have already invested massively in the deployment of LTE networks in many major metropolitan areas throughout the Philippines. With the help of AHD and other system integrators, they are now bringing the network indoors to ensure satisfaction among their 4G customers.

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