New iBwave Products Promise to Mobilize Industry

New iBwave Products Promise to Mobilize Industry for Rapidly Surfacing Indoor Wireless Demand. iBwave Design 6.0, iBwave Unity 2.1 and Level 3 Certification Now Available

MONTREAL CANADA – DECEMBER 7th, 2011 - iBwave, the standard for in-building software and training solutions, has upgraded two of its leading products, iBwave Design and iBwave Unity, with advanced features, also launching a higher level in-building certification course, combined to further revolutionize the way indoor wireless networks are being designed and deployed inside buildings worldwide.

The company’s flagship product, iBwave Design, the leading software for automating in-building network design-planning activities, has been upgraded to version 6.0, now supporting the deployment of MIMO technology. This latest version empowers in-building experts to run capacity analyses of the various mobile services required inside buildings, quickly validating whether wireless capacity being offered from proposed systems will meet expected indoor data traffic.

In collaboration with a major collection tool vendor, iBwave Design now simplifies the transfer process of DAS and building information to third-party collection tools, significantly reducing the number of conversion tasks being required.

Additional features in iBwave Design 6.0:

  • Customized system labeling by: ID, operator, technology, band, etc.

  • New and improved electromagnetic field (EMF) report functionalities

  • Cell codes (PN codes, scrambling codes and cell ID) are stored in cellular service configurations

As for iBwave Unity 2.1, the comprehensive management platform for in-building network projects, the latest version is available on smartphones and tablets, meaning projects can now be accessed even while on the road. Additionally, users can now store their database of components in iBwave Unity with access rights and revision controls, enabling better management over the database.

Additional features in iBwave Unity 2.1:

  • Preferred design templates can be applied to existing projects, distributing consistency throughout projects.

  • Multiple design files can be stored under the same project heading

  • Revision history of projects can be marked with revision tags

In the iBwave Certification Program, a new Level 3 course has been introduced to teach advanced students about MIMO, Wi-Fi, stadium environments, capacity-planning and techniques to improve the design-planning process of large and complex buildings.  

iBwave’s CEO, Mario Bouchard, stated, “iBwave has been leading the way in terms of innovation in the in-building industry. We have been offering a large portfolio of innovative products that has constantly evolved and improved functionality throughout the complex ecosystem.” He added that iBwave is the industry standard which the indoor wireless community has come to rely on, promising more launches are planned in the near future to continue mobilizing the network.

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