iBwave Innovates With Smartphone Mobile Application

iBwave Innovates With Smartphone Mobile Application for In-Building Wireless

Montreal, Canada – May 11, 2010 iBwave, the indoor radio planning solutions leader, announced today the launch of an innovative and affordable mobile application that greatly simplifies the capture of building information and basic network information essential for indoor radio planning.

The iBwave mobile application centralizes all in-building information in the form of video, picture, text and audio notes collected with a user’s Smartphone, completely eliminating the need for paper floor plan, video cameras, cameras and laptops during site surveying.

Engineers and non-technical staff can create projects by importing floor plans directly from iBwave Design or simply take a picture of the floor plan located next to the elevator using their phone’s camera. Users can capture parts of the building interior such as the architecture, ceilings and equipment rooms in the form of pictures or videos. Users can draw directly on pictures to clearly show the placement of equipment. Create voice notes about building information from third parties, such as building restrictions described by building owners and electricians, can be recorded using the audio feature so that no incremental information is lost.

All of the building information collected via video, picture, audio and text notes are saved under push pins that are specifically geolocated on the floor plan. Push pins can be modified and are organized chronologically to track annotation history. When exporting back the information into iBwave Design or iBwave Field software, information contained within push pins allows RF professionals to grasp the information taken during site visits. They also have the feature to replay the route covered on the floor plan to view the network information, understand the existing coverage, and determine how the wireless network can be upgraded.

iBwave mobile is so simple to use that anyone equipped with the application can collect building information, resulting in practical and cost-saving benefits,”  said Mario Bouchard, President and CEO of iBwave. “For instance, an engineer in Boston can virtually visualize the building space from a file sent by a field technician located in L.A., without having to travel to the location, saving time and travel costs. Wireless operators can also save costs off their response time to customer network complaints since network information can be easily provided by their sales representative on the road.”

iBwave continues to innovate with new product solutions that improve the in-building ecosystem. iBwave’s solutions are designed to give the network power to the telecom industry to enable profitable indoor wireless network design, planning and monitoring processes.

About iBwave
iBwave Solutions, the standard for converged indoor network planning is the power behind great in-building wireless experience, enabling billions of end users and devices to connect inside a wide range of venues. As the global industry reference, our software solutions allow for smarter planning, design and deployment of any project regardless of size, complexity or technology. Along with innovative software, we are recognized for world class support in 90 countries, industry’s most comprehensive components database and a well-established certification program. For more information visit: www.ibwave.com

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