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iBwave Announces Launch of New Software for Public Safety Networks

New product will reinforce iBwave’s reputation as the established standard in in-building network design.

MONTREAL, QC, March 31st, 2020 – iBwave is excited to announce the launch of their latest product, iBwave Public Safety, a new solution dedicated entirely to design for critical communications and public safety networks.

The new offering will enable engineers to design public safety networks with a high level of accuracy and automated documentation, all while cutting costs and reducing the time it takes to plan and deploy these critical systems.

“Public Safety Networks have no room for inaccuracies or poor connection – their proper function saves lives. That’s why it was so important for us to develop a dedicated solution that works for first responders,” said Marc Bolick, CEO of iBwave.

Working with input from representatives in a variety of sectors, including the fire safety, security, construction, and alarm industries, iBwave’s new tool offers exclusive features for public safety design at an affordable price point. Engineers using iBwave Public Safety will be able to define critical zone areas and isolate donor antennas, and can design both active and passive DAS without paying a premium for features outside the scope of their project.

“We’ve listened closely to the needs and challenges of public safety network professionals – there’s a strong demand for shorter turnaround times to design approval and a clear desire for enhanced communication with automated documentation. We believe iBwave Public Safety addresses these concerns while providing the reliability and accuracy that iBwave has built its reputation on over the last sixteen years,” Bolick said.

To learn more about iBwave Public Safety, visit the product page.

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