Name File Size PDF File
iBwave Design Lite 1.6 MB
iBwave Design Enterprise 1.8 MB
iBwave Design Suite 3.0 MB
iBwave FiberPass 2.1 MB
iBwave Mobile Planner 1.6 MB
iBwave Mobile Survey 1.5 MB
iBwave Professional Services 0.4 MB
iBwave Public Safety 1.7 MB
iBwave Unity Enterprise 1.7 MB
iBwave Viewer 0.7 MB
iBwave Wi‑Fi® 2.1 MB
iBwave Wi‑Fi® Mobile 1.8 MB
iBwave Wi‑Fi® Suite 2.1 MB

White papers

Name File Size PDF File
iBwave Reach Macro Prediction Accuracy 0.8 MB
Wi‑Fi 6 Technology Primer 2.0 MB
EMF Radiation in Mobile Networks: A Closer Look at Emission Limits & Safe Distances 1.0 MB
5G Technology Primer 1.5 MB
Rank Indicator Modeling in iBwave Design 1.1 MB
In‑Building Network Evolution: from 4G to 5G 1.0 MB
7 Key Factors to Consider When Designing Wi‑Fi Networks 1.5 MB
How to Design Better Wireless Networks for Stadiums 3.9 MB
Shopping Malls: Matching Smart Shoppers with Smart Networks 2.4 MB
Undergound Wireless Design for Rapid Rail Transit: Challenges and Best Practices 4.2 MB
Business Campus: Connecting the Corporate HQ 1.5 MB
High‑Density Wireless Networks for Public Venues: Challenges and Best Practices 0.4 MB


Name File Size PDF File
Private and Semi‑Private Wireless Networks 3.8 MB
Campus Networks 4.7 MB
Private LTE Networks & CBRS 3.6 MB
Fiber 101 4.1 MB
Wi‑Fi 6 and Enterprise Networking Convergence 3.5 MB
Designing Public Safety Networks 4.4 MB
5G & In‑Building Wireless Convergence 3.1 MB
Designing Wi‑Fi in Stadiums 5.8 MB
Designing Wi‑Fi Networks in Warehouse & Manufacturing Environments 5.3 MB
Designing Wi‑Fi Networks in Retail Environments 5.3 MB
In‑Building Network Convergence 3.2 MB
Wi‑Fi Challenges and Best Practices in Hospitality 2.1 MB

Training and Certification brochures & course syllabus

Name File Size PDF File
In‑Building Fundamentals: Course syllabus 0.1 MB
Capacity Planning: Course syllabus 0.2 MB
Stadium Design: Course syllabus 0.2 MB
Small Cells: Course syllabus 0.1 MB
iBwave Certification Program 0.1 MB
Level 1: Course syllabus 0.1 MB
Level 2: Course syllabus 0.1 MB
Level 3: Course syllabus 0.1 MB
Public Safety: Course syllabus 0.1 MB
iBwave Wi‑Fi® (for PC): Course syllabus 0.2 MB
iBwave Wi‑Fi® Mobile: Course syllabus 0.2 MB

Comparison charts

Name File Size PDF File
iBwave Design, iBwave Public Safety & iBwave Wi‑Fi® comparison chart 0.3 MB
iBwave Design Core comparison chart 0.3 MB
iBwave Design Enterprise comparison chart 0.1 MB
iBwave Design & iBwave Public Safety comparison chart 0.1 MB
iBwave Mobile Survey & iBwave Mobile Planner comparison chart 0.1 MB
iBwave Unity comparison chart 0.1 MB

Success stories

Name File Size PDF File
Case study: How iBwave Reach delivers accurate indoor/outdoor prediction for campus network. 2.7 MB
Case study: How iBwave Beach reinvents the site walk process. 2.1 MB
Case study: MarQuest relies on iBwave accuracy to design Zigbee IoT network. 1.5 MB
Case study: Reducing Flight Delays by Controlling Airport Wi‑Fi & Cellular Networks Using iBwave. 1.4 MB
Case study: Deploying a LoRa Network in a Port using iBwave. 1.9 MB
Case study: How Mer Group achieved 100% network continuity across an underground railway network. 2.8 MB
Case study: How Virtua connects venues of any size and type using iBwave Design. 0.8 MB
Case study: How BearCom Achieved 100% Connectivity in the Tallest High‑rise in Calgary. 0.8 MB
Case study: How CAR‑SA used iBwave Wi‑Fi® to cut Wi‑Fi network design times in half. 0.6 MB
Case study: How ARRIS uses iBwave Wi‑Fi® to save up to 70% of time on their Wi‑Fi network designs. 0.6 MB
Case study: How one of the largest package delivery companies in the world uses iBwave to deploy & manage their Wi‑Fi networks across thousands of sites. 5.6 MB
Case study: How NCR Telecom & Technology, a leading wireless integrator, is using iBwave to design converged networks in the enterprise. 1.4 MB
Case study: WZC networking redesigns the Wi‑Fi network of a large convention center 50% faster using iBwave Wi‑Fi. 1.2 MB
Case study: Airvana Delivers Exceptional Wireless Experience at University Coliseum using iBwave Design + Optimization Module. 1.8 MB
Case study: Tier‑1 Operator Saves 10 Hours on the Planning and Design of an Enterprise Small Cells Network with iBwave Mobile Planner. 0.4 MB
Case study: An Operator Triples Its Small Cells Deployment Rate with iBwave. 0.3 MB
Case study: CTS 0.3 MB
Case study: MobileAccess 0.2 MB